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Single View SD Remote


Product Description

The five buttons at the top of the remote control each have a secondary function (sometimes referred to as the “shifted” mode).

If you have not first pressed SHIFT, these buttons do the following:

  • TV: displays available packages or switches from an audio to a videoservice
  • ALT: goes to the last viewed channel
  • TV GUIDE: goes to the TV Guide
  • LANGUAGE: displays the Language/Soundtrack pop-up
  • MUTE: switches the audio on or off (depends on the current audio status)

To activate the secondary functionality, press SHIFT followed by the required button. After pressing SHIFT, the SHIFT button will flash, confirming the mode of the remote control. It is not necessary to hold both buttons down at the same time.

  • SHIFT TV: goes to the Audio Package
  • SHIFT ALT: displays the Subtitles/Teletext pop-up
  • SHIFT TV GUIDE: toggles the Aspect Ratio
  • SHIFT LANGUAGE: goes to the Parental Control Menu
    (Note: A valid PG PIN code is required for the Parental Control Menu)
  • SHIFT MUTE: currently disabled


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